Gas radiators
STAR mobile radiation heaters (radiators) is an economic and efficient way of heating industrial and commercial premises that allows for lowering space operating costs:
  • easy installation and operation;
  • lightness and small dimensions ? ease of handling;
  • freedom of location;
  • output.

Specification: Gas radiators are powered by liquid propane-butane gas. They are installed directly on gas cylinder with the use of a cylinder flange clip. Thermoelectric valve plays a role of gas anti-outflow protection. Heating element may be directed to heated place (object), which prevents against unnecessary energy dispersion.
A new IGI 1010 radiator is competitive to STAR. Its parameters are similar to the performance of STAR model while IGI 1010 WS model does not need a flange to fasten the gas cylinder.

Application: Gas radiators may serve as local heat source during works carried out outdoors. They perform perfectly well as heaters of rooms which are not constantly occupied by people, e.g. greenhouses, shop floors or retail stands.

Type Star IGI I1010
IGI I1010 WS
Thermal power (kW) 3,9 4,4
Gas consumption (g/h) 310 330
Gas pressure (kPa) 3,6 3,6
Weight (kg) 2,5 2,5
Dimensions (width x height x depth) (mm) 335x235x105 375x280x175
End connection of pipe (? mm) 10 10
Min. total cubic capacity to be heated (m3) 15 15