Heating umbrellas
Heating umbrella is a fantastic way of prolonging picnic, garden party and barbecue season from early spring till late autumn. The devices are safe and efficient while being easy and comfortable to use.
  • cost-effectiveness and comfort of use,
  • safety of transport and use,
  • reliable fixing,
  • reliable and failure-free work,
  • aesthetics of workmanship,
  • variety of finishes: from powder painted steel to stainless steel.

Specification: Compact construction and materials used in umbrella production ensure its efficient operation. The umbrella is powered by propane gas (recommended) or propane-butane supplied from gas cylinder of 11 kg capacity. The mechanism is equipped with sensors and gas anti-outflow protection system cutting off gas inflow in case of mechanical damage or rapid leaning, so it is totally safe for the user. Wheels and fastening anchors in the umbrella?s base raise safety and comfort of use.

Application: Heating umbrellas are destined for outdoor use ? heating of gardens, allotments, terraces and outdoor catering facilities. They considerably increase seasonal turnover of restaurant gardens.

Type Etna / Warmsun
Radiation power (kW) 5 - 12
Gas consumption (g/h) 450 - 870
Dimensions (mm) Height 2240
Diameter 813
Weight (kg) 20,5
Heating area (m2) 25
Time of supply from one gas cylinder (h) 12 - 24