Other services
Partner stations:

PHU PARTNER is an owner of two BP partner stations:
  • in Mińsk Mazowiecki, 30, Dąbrówki Street,
  • in Stojadła, at route No. 2 from the side of Warsaw.
The stations offer high quality fuel, wide range of car accessories, well-stocked shops. Modern car washes are next to the stations: in Stojadła there is automatic car wash of up to the vehicle height clearance 2.75 m, in Mińsk Mazowiecki there is automatic passenger car wash and two self-service jet washing stands.

In station in Stojadła there is a big truck parking as well as shower cubicles and bistro bar with great variety of meals.

Gas distribution: PARTNER has the longest tradition in this field. An offer includes gas supplies for propelling forklift trucks and gas in cylinders up to 30 kg. Distribution is on the territory of Mazovian province.

Renting of construction vehicles: PARTNER offers renting of special transport and construction vehicles. The customer may choose:
  • trucks (dump trucks),
  • mini excavators,
  • caterpillar and wheel excavators,
  • excavating and loading machines,
  • truck mounted cranes,
  • tower cranes,
  • basket elevator of up to 22 m radius.

Advertising: The company is an owner and an exclusive possessor of telebeam in the center of Mińsk Mazowiecki, at the junction of Kazikowskiego and Konstytucji 3. Maja streets. Its renting guarantees exposition of an advertisement in a perfect and well visible place in the city visited by a lot of people.